Ford Mustang Owners Manual: Anti-theft system

The active anti-theft system is designed to warn you in the event of unauthorized vehicle entry and is also designed to help prevent unwanted towing of the vehicle.

You can choose what is monitored by arming the system in different ways.

Partial Monitor Mode

To monitor the following:


Lock the vehicle using the key in the driver door key cylinder.

Full Monitor Mode

To monitor the following:

Movement inside the vehicle (for convertible models, top must be fully closed) Change in vehicle inclination (such as unwanted towing)

Lock the vehicle using the remote control or the power door lock control with the accompanying door open and then close all doors.

Note: Do not choose full monitor mode if movement within the vehicle is likely to occur or when the vehicle is in transport.

Note: For proper operation of the interior motion detection system, ensure all windows are closed prior to arming the system. This will help prevent accidental alarm activation due to external influences and ensure proper interior motion detection. Additionally, the interior motion sensing system will not arm if either door or the trunk is ajar.

If there is any potential perimeter anti-theft problem with your vehicle, ensure all integrated keyhead transmitters are brought to the authorized dealer to aid in troubleshooting.

Arming the System

When armed, the active anti-theft system is designed to notify you of an unauthorized entry. When unauthorized entry or towing occurs, the system will flash the turn signal lamps and interior lamps and will sound the horn.

The system is ready to arm whenever the key is out of the ignition.

Any of the following actions will arm the alarm system:

Press the lock button on the remote control.

Lock all doors using the interior power lock switch while the driver or passenger door is open and then becomes closed.

Lock the driver door with the key in the key lock cylinder (this will not, however, arm the interior motion or vehicle incline sensing systems).

There is a 20 second countdown when any of the above actions occur before the vehicle becomes armed.

Each door, the hood or the trunk is armed individually, and if any are open, they must be closed for the system to enter the 20 second countdown.

The turn signal lamps will flash once when all doors, the hood and the trunk are closed indicating the vehicle is locked and entering the 20 second countdown. If any closure is not properly closed, the turn signal lamps will not flash and that closure will not be armed.

Disarming the System

You can disarm the system by any of the following actions:

Unlock the doors by using the remote entry transmitter portion of your integrated keyhead transmitter.

Turn ignition to the on position with a valid programmed SecuriLock key or integrated keyhead transmitter.

Press the panic control on the remote entry transmitter portion of your integrated keyhead transmitter. This will only shut off the horn and turn lamps when the alarm is sounding. The alarm system will still be armed.

Use a key in the driver door to unlock your vehicle.

Pressing the power door unlock control within the 20 second prearmed mode will return the vehicle to a disarmed state.


: Unlocking the trunk inhibits the motion sensing system but the system continues to monitor the doors, hood and vehicle incline. Once the trunk becomes closed the motion sensing system will rearm.

Triggering the Anti-Theft System

The armed system will be triggered if:

Any door, the hood or the trunk is opened without using the remote entry transmitter portion of your integrated keyhead transmitter or key in driver door cylinder.

The ignition is turned to the on position with an invalid unprogrammed SecuriLock key or integrated keyhead transmitter.

The vehicle is towed or inclined.

Motion is detected in the interior passenger compartment.

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