Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Anti-Lock Control

Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 42 , Anti-Lock Brake for schematic and connector information.

Special Tool(s)

Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) 418-F224, New Generation STAR (NGS) Tester 418-F052, or equivalent scan tool
73 Digital Multimeter or equivalent 105-R0051
    Anti-Lock Control - Rear
    Torque Specifications Anti-Lock Control The four wheel anti-lock brake system (4WABS) consists of the following components: anti-lock brake control module (2C346) front anti-lock brake senso ...

    Other materials:

    Removal 1. Remove the LF wheel and tire. Refer to Section. 2. Position the front portion of the LF inner splash shield aside. 3. WARNING: Windshield washer solution contains methanol, which is poisonous. Observe all cautions and warnings indicate ...

    Axle Housing
    Removal and Installation 1. CAUTION: The vehicle must be on level ground and at curb height. Mark the rear shock absorbers relative to their protective sleeve.  During installation, raise the suspension to this reference mark before tightening the s ...

    Evaporator Core Housing
    Disassembly 1. Remove the evaporator core housing. For additional information, refer to Evaporator Core Housing in this section. 2. Remove the foam weather seal. 3. Remove the screws and remove the heater core. 4. Remove the screws and remove the A/C rec ...