Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: General Maintenance Information

NOTE: This is a generic maintenance schedule for all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. There may be items listed that do not apply to all vehicles.

The Normal Schedule applies to operation of the vehicle under typical, everyday driving conditions.

The maintenance frequency in this schedule typifies what the vast majority of vehicles will require. The listed services should be carried out at specified mileage intervals. There are, however, additional services required that only the noted vehicles require.

If the vehicle is operated in one or more of the following special operating conditions, those additional services will be required. The special operating conditions are:

  • towing or carrying heavy loads.
  • extensive idling and/or driving at low speeds for long distances.
  • driving in dusty conditions.
  • off-road operation.

There are also exceptions to the Normal Operating Schedule which will require more frequent maintenance for some components. Those exceptions are:

  • natural gas and propane vehicles - fuel tank intervals.
  • normal vehicle axle - maintenance and lubrication.
  • police and taxi vehicles - maintenance and lubrication.
  • engine oil and yellow coolant - time and mileage-based interval.
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