Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Sprockets

1. WARNING: To avoid the possibility of personal injury or damage to the vehicle, do not operate the engine with the hood open until the fan blade has been examined for possible cracks and separation.

NOTE: Specifications show the expected minimum or maximum condition. Refer to the appropriate section in Group 303 for the procedure.

NOTE: If a component fails to meet the specifications, it is necessary to install a new component or refinish. If the component can be refinished, wear limits are provided as an aid to making a decision. A new component must be installed for any component that fails to meet specifications and cannot be refinished.

Inspect the timing chain/belt and the sprockets.

  • Install new components as necessary. Refer to the appropriate section in Group 303 for the procedure.


Rocker Arms - Cleaning

1. Clean all parts thoroughly. Make sure all oil passages are open.

2. Make sure oil passage in the push rod/valve tappet end of the rocker arm (6564) is open.

    Component Tests
    Engine Oil Leaks NOTE: When diagnosing engine oil leaks, the source and location of the leak must be positively identified prior to repair. Prior to carrying out this procedure, clean all sealin ...

    Rocker Arms - Inspection
    CAUTION: Do not attempt to true surfaces by grinding. Check the rocker arm pad, side rails and seat for excessive wear, cracks, nicks or burrs. Check the rocker arm seat bolt for stripped or bro ...

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