Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Caliper

1. NOTE: It is not necessary to do a complete brake system bleed if only the disc brake caliper (2B120) was disconnected.

Place a box end wrench on the disc brake caliper bleeder screw (2208). Attach a rubber drain tube to the disc brake caliper bleeder screw, and submerge the free end of the tube in a container partially filled with clean brake fluid.

Bleeding - Components

2. Have an assistant pump the brake pedal (BP) (2455) and then hold firm pressure on the brake pedal.

3. Loosen the disc brake caliper bleeder screw until a stream of brake fluid comes out. While the assistant maintains pressure on the brake pedal, tighten the disc brake caliper bleeder screw.

  • Repeat until clear, bubble-free fluid comes out.
  • Refill the brake master cylinder reservoir (2K478) as necessary.

4. Tighten the disc brake caliper bleeder screw. Refer to Specifications.

Bleeding - Components

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