Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Driveline System

Special Tool(s)

Clamp Plate 205-320 (T92L-4851-C)
Clutch Housing Alignment Adapter 308-021 (T75L-4201-A)
Companion Flange Holding Tool 205-126 (T78P-4851-A)
Companion Flange Runout Gauge 205-319 (T92L-4851-B)
Dial Indicator with Bracketry 100-002 (TOOL-4201-C) or equivalent
Dial Indicator/Magnetic Base 100-D002 (D78P-4201-B) or equivalent
Vibration Analyzer 100-F027 (014-00344)
Traction-Lok Torque Tool 205-022 (T66L-4204-A)
Driveline System - General Information
Driveline Angles @ Curb Specifications All driveshaft and pinion angles point downward. General Specifications a: Service refill capacities are determined by filling the axle 6.3 mm (0.25 in [1/4 ...

Inspection and Verification
Certain axle noise or vibration symptoms are also common to the engine, transmission, wheel bearings, tires, and other parts of the vehicle. For this reason, be sure that the cause of the trouble is ...

Other materials:

1. CAUTION: Do not use metal scrapers, wire brushes, power abrasive discs or other abrasive means to clean the sealing surfaces. These tools cause scratches and gouges which make leak paths. Use a plastic scraping tool to remove all traces of old sealant. ...

1. Lubricate the differential side gear thrust washers and the differential side gear journals, and assemble the washers to the gears. Use SAE 80W-90 Premium Rear Axle Lubricant XY-80W90-QL or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSP-M2C197-A. 2. Lub ...

Register - LH
Removal 1. Remove the instrument panel steering column cover bolts. 2. Unsnap and remove the instrument panel steering column cover. 3. Remove the bolts and the steering column reinforcement. 4. Remove the screws. 5. Remove the register. Installation ...