Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Security Access - Procedure

Special Tool(s)

Worldwide 418-F224, New Generation STAR (NGS) Tester 418-F052, or equivalent diagnostic tool

NOTE: The security access procedure is utilized to obtain passive anti-theft system (PATS) security access. PATS security access must be granted to erase ignition keys, enable/disable the spare key programming switch or perform parameter resets for the instrument cluster. The security access procedure invokes an inherent 10 minute time delay prior to granting security access during which diagnostic tool must remain connected to the vehicle. Once security access has been granted, a security access command menu is displayed that offers various command options (refer to PATS Configuration Command Index).

NOTE: Select only the commands required by the appropriate pinpoint test.

1. From diagnostic tool: Using the Ford Service Function (FSF) card, select the appropriate instrument cluster. Enter SECURITY ACCESS PROCEDURE. This procedure will take 10 minutes to perform, during which the ignition switch must be in RUN and the diagnostic tool must be connected to the vehicle.

2. After the 10-minute security access procedure has been completed, a new menu will be displayed with command options. Select only those functions required before exiting out of this menu. Once exited out of this menu, the security access procedure must be performed again to perform additional commands.

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