Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Front Disc Brake (Description and Operation)

Front Disc Brake Components

Front Disc Brake


Disc Brake Caliper Components

Front Disc Brake


The front disc brake caliper (2B120):

  • bolts to the front disc brake caliper anchor plate (2B292), which bolts to the front wheel spindle (3105).
  • is a pin slider, dual piston design.

The front brake discs (1125):

  • are of a ventilated full-cast design, with non-directional cooling fins.
  • are serviced with the disc brake caliper and front disc brake caliper anchor plate removed.

The front brake disc shield (2K005):

  • is riveted to the front wheel spindle.
  • protects the front wheel bearings and inboard surface of the front brake disc.

The pads:

  • are housed in the front disc brake caliper anchor plate.
  • are of a non-asbestos, non-metallic composition.
    Front Disc Brake
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