Ford Mustang (2005-2014) Owners Manual: Heated windows and mirrors (if equipped)

Heated Rear Window

Note: The vehicle must be running to use this feature.

Press the control to clear the rear window of thin ice and fog. Press the control again within 15 minutes to switch it off. It turns off automatically after approximately 15 minutes, or when you switch off the ignition.

Do not use razor blades or other sharp objects to clean the inside of the rear window or to remove decals from the inside of the rear window. This may cause damage to the heated grid lines.

Your warranty does not cover this damage.

Heated Exterior Mirrors (If Equipped)

Note: Do not remove ice from the mirrors with a scraper or attempt to readjust the mirror glass that has frozen in place. These actions could cause damage to the glass and mirrors.

Note: Do not clean the housing or glass of any mirror with harsh abrasives, fuel or other petroleum-based cleaning products.

Both mirrors heat to remove ice, mist and fog when you switch on the heated rear window.

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