Ford Mustang (2005-2014) Owners Manual: Cabin air filter

Note: Make sure you have a cabin air filter installed at all times. This prevents foreign objects from entering the system. Running the system without a filter in place could result in degradation or damage to the system.

Your vehicle is equipped with a cabin air filter, which is located just in front of the windshield under the cowl grille on the passenger side of your vehicle.

The particulate air filtration system reduces the concentration of airborne particles, such as dust, spores and pollen, in the air supplied to the interior of your vehicle. The particulate filtration system gives the following benefits to customers:

• Improves the customer’s driving comfort by reducing particle concentration.
• Improves the interior compartment cleanliness.
• Protects the climate control components from particle deposits.

For more information regarding the interval at which you should replace the cabin air filter, see the Scheduled Maintenance chapter.

For additional cabin air filter information, or to replace the filter, see an authorized dealer.

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