Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Inspection and Verification

WARNING: A vehicle equipped with a Traction-Lok differential will always have both wheels driving. If, while the vehicle is being serviced, only one wheel is raised off the ground and the rear axle is driven by the engine, the wheel on the ground could drive the vehicle off the stand or jack. Be sure both rear wheels are off the ground.

WARNING: Never run the engine with one wheel off the ground, for example, when changing a tire. The wheel(s) resting on the ground could cause the vehicle to move.

WARNING: Do not balance the wheels and tires while they are mounted on the vehicle.

Possible tire disintegration or differential failure could result, causing personal injury and extensive component damage. Use off-vehicle wheel and tire balancer only.

Be sure to follow the warnings when carrying out inspection and verification.

    Road Test
    Verify the customer concern by carrying out a road test on a smooth road. If any vibrations are apparent. To maximize tire performance, inspect for signs of incorrect inflation and uneven wear, whic ...

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