Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the battery negative cable.

2. Drain the engine cooling system.

3. Remove the LH exhaust manifold. For additional information, refer to Exhaust Manifold-LH in this section.

4. Remove the lower intake manifold. For additional information, refer to Lower Intake Manifold in this section.

5. Remove the push rods. For additional information, refer to Push Rod in this section.

6. Remove the drive belt.

7. Using the special tool, remove the power steering pump pulley.

Cylinder Head LH

8. Remove the power steering pump bracket.

Cylinder Head LH

9. Remove the generator bracket.

Cylinder Head LH

10. Remove the three exhaust manifold studs.

Cylinder Head LH

11. NOTE: Discard the cylinder head gasket.

NOTE: Record the location of the long bolts and the short bolts.

Remove the cylinder head. Discard the cylinder head bolts.

Cylinder Head LH

    Cylinder Head LH
    Special Tool(s) Remover, Power Steering Pump Pulley 211-016 (T69L-10300-B) Installer, Power Steering Pump Pulley 211-009 Material ...

    NOTE: Do not use a fiber disc to clean the surfaces. Fibers from the disc can get into the oil pan and oil and clog the oil bypass valve. 1. Clean and inspect the cylinder head for flatness. 2. ...

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