Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Safety Precautions

WARNING: Never run the engine with one wheel off the ground, for example, when changing a tire. The wheel(s) resting on the ground could cause the vehicle to move.

WARNING: The tire and wheel must always be correctly matched. It is very important to determine the size of each component before any assembly operations commence. Failure to adhere to these instructions can result in an explosive separation and cause serious bodily injury or death.

WARNING: Aftermarket aerosol tire sealants are extremely flammable. Always question the customer to make sure these products have not been used.

WARNING: Aftermarket wheel assemblies may not be compatible with the vehicle. Use of incompatible wheel assemblies can result in equipment failure and possible injury. Use only approved wheel assemblies.

WARNING: Use only wheels and wheel nuts that have been designed for current model year Ford trucks. Aftermarket wheels or wheel nuts may not fit or function correctly, and can cause personal injury or damage the vehicle.

WARNING: Always wear safety goggles or a face shield when performing any work with tire and wheel assemblies.

CAUTION: Do not clean aluminum wheels with steel wool, abrasive-type cleaners or strong detergents. Use Custom Bright Metal Cleaner 8A-19522-A or equivalent meeting Ford specifications ESR-M5B194-B.

CAUTION: Reduce the air pressure as much as possible by pushing the valve core plunger in prior to removing the valve core. Avoid working in a position in which the face or body is directly over a tire in which there is pressure.

When performing any inspection or repair procedures on wheels (1007/1015) and tires, follow the preceding safety precautions.

Wheels And Tires

WARNING: Do not mix different types of tires, such as radial, bias, or bias-belted, on the same vehicle except in emergencies. Vehicle handling can be seriously affected and can result in loss of control.

Factory-installed tires and wheels are designed to operate satisfactorily with loads up to and including full-rated load capacity when inflated to recommended inflation pressures.

Tire and Wheel Runout

Excessive radial and lateral runout of a wheel and tire assembly can cause roughness, vibration, wheel tramp, tire wear, and steering wheel tremor.

Before checking runout, and to avoid false readings caused by temporary flat spots in the tires, check runout only after the vehicle has been driven far enough to warm the tires.

    Wheels and Tires
    General Specifications Torque Specifications Description Nm lb-ft Wheel nuts 129 95 ...

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