Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Speakers

Torque Specifications

Torque Specifications


NOTE: Premium sound speakers (18808) are labeled with either 6 OHMS or 8 OHMS.

  • The coupe has a four-speaker system, with two door-mounted speakers and two in the package tray panel (46506).
  • On the convertible, the two rear speakers are located behind the quarter trim panel. (31012)
  • The MACH 460 subwoofer system has eight speakers. On the coupe, two are located in each door and four are in the subwoofer assembly. On the convertible, two speakers are in each door and two are mounted in each subwoofer assembly behind the rear quarter trim panels. Both the coupe and convertible subwoofer assemblies are not repairable.
  • The MACH 1000 has all the components of the MACH 460 system plus two additional subwoofers located on each side of the trunk and four additional amplifiers. These subwoofers can be serviced independently.
Cable - Antenna Lead In
Removal 1. Remove the audio unit. Refer to Section. 2. Lower the glove compartment by releasing the stops from the instrument panel. 3. Disconnect the antenna in-line connector. 4. Remove ...

Door Speaker - Upper
Removal and Installation 1. Remove the front door trim panels (239420). For additional information, refer to Section 2. Remove the upper speaker access cover. 3. Remove the upper speaker hous ...

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