Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Steering System (Diagnosis and Testing)

Special Tool(s)

Dial Thermometer 0-220F 023-R0007 or Equivalent
Hand Held Automotive Meter 105-R0053 or Equivalent
Power Steering Analyzer 211-F001 (014-00207) or Equivalent
Spring Scale 211-034 (T74P-3504-Y)
Tach Adapter 418-F102 (007-00061) or Equivalent
Tie-Rod End Remover Tool 211-001 (TOOL-3290-D) or Equivalent
Steering System (Description and Operation)
The steering system has a typical rack-and-pinion design consisting of the following: Steering System Components - 3.8L Engine (CII Power Steering Pump)   Steering System Components - 4.6L ...

Inspection and Verification
CAUTION: Do not hold the steering wheel (3600) at the stops for an extended amount of time. Damage to the power steering pump (3A674) will result. NOTE: Make the following preliminary checks before ...

Other materials:

Parking, Rear and License Lamps
Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 92 , Exterior for schematic and connector information. Special Tool(s) 73 III Automotive Meter or equivalent 105-R0057 Inspection and Verification 1. Verify the customer concern by operating the parking lamps ...

1. Install the bearing, snap ring, hub and dust shield. For additional information, refer to Wheel Hub-Cobra in this section. 2. Install the knuckle. 1. Position the knuckle on the lower suspension arm and bushing. 2. Install a new bolt and a new nut. Do ...

Muffler - 4.6L (4V)
Removal and Installation 1. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section. 2. NOTE: RH side shown, LH side similar. Remove the dual converter assembly nuts. 3. Remove the RH exhaust hanger insulator (5260). 4. Remove the LH ...