Ford Mustang (2005-2014) Owners Manual: Steering Wheel

Adjusting the steering wheel

WARNING: Do not adjust the steering wheel when your vehicle is moving.

Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. See Sitting in the Correct Position in the Seats chapter.

1. Unlock the steering column.
2. Adjust the steering wheel to the desired position.

3. Lock the steering column.


A. Media
B. Volume down
C. Volume up
D. Seek up or next
E. Seek down or previous

Press the media button repeatedly to scroll through available audio modes.

Press the seek buttons to select the next or previous stored preset or track. Press and hold to select the next or previous frequency or seek through a track.


A. Voice recognition
B. Phone mode

See the SYNC or Navigation System chapter.


See the Cruise Control chapter.


Type 1

Type 2

See the Information Displays chapter.

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