Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Removal

CAUTION: Suspension fasteners are critical parts because they affect performance of vital components and systems and their failure can result in major service expense. A new part with the same part number must be installed if installation becomes necessary. If substitution is necessary, the part must be of the same finish and property class. Torque values must be used as specified during reassembly to make sure of correct retention of these parts.

1. Mark the rear shock absorber (18125) relative to the protective sleeve with the vehicle in a static, level ground position (curb height).

Upper Arm

2. Raise the vehicle on a hoist.

3. Support the differential housing with a jack stand.

4. Disconnect the upper arm and bushing (5500) from the axle.

1. Remove and discard the nut and bolt.

2. Disconnect the arm and bushing from the axle.

Upper Arm

5. Remove the upper arm and bushing from the mounting bracket.

1. Remove and discard the nut and bolt.

2. Remove the arm and bushing.

Upper Arm

    Upper Arm

    1. Install the upper arm and bushing to the mounting bracket. 1. Position the arm and bushing. 2. Install a new nut and bolt. Do not tighten at this time. 2. Connect the upper arm and bushing to ...

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    Output Shaft Speed (OSS) Sensor
    Removal and Installation 1. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, raise and support the vehicle. 2. Disconnect the electrical connector. 3. Remove the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor. 4. To install, reverse the removal procedure. ...

    Accelerator Cable Bracket - 3.8L
    Removal and Installation 1. Disconnect the speed control cable from the throttle body and the bracket. For additional information, refer to Section. 2. Disconnect the accelerator cable from the throttle body by rotating the throttle body full open and align ...

    Ignition switch
    A. Off: The ignition is off. Note: When you switch the ignition off and leave your vehicle, do not leave your key in the ignition. This could cause your vehicle battery to lose charge. B. Accessory: Allows the electrical accessories such as the radio to ope ...