Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Switch - Horn


1. Remove the driver side air bag module (043B13). Refer to Section.

2. Remove the switches.

1. Disconnect the horn wire from the switches.

2. Remove the horn switch screws and remove the switches.

Switch - Horn


1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

  • Prove out the air bag system. Refer to Section.

Switch - Horn


    Horn (Diagnosis and Testing)
    Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 44 , Horns/Cigar Lighter for schematic and connector information. Special Tool(s) 73 Digital Multimeter or equivalent 105-R0051 Inspection and Veri ...

    Warning Devices
    Warning Devices The warning device system consists of the following components: door ajar switches generic electronic module (GEM) key-in-ignition warning switch safety belt switch ...

    Other materials:

    1. Raise and support the vehicle. 2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. 3. Remove the rear brake disc (2C026). 4. Remove the differential housing cover (4033) and drain the lubricant. For additional information, refer to Differential Housing Cover in t ...

    Weld Nut Repair - Stripped Weld Nut, Restraints Control Module (RCM)
    WARNING: To avoid accidental deployment and possible personal injury, the backup power supply must be depleted before repairing or replacing any front or side air bag supplemental restraint system (SRS) components and before servicing, replacing, ...

    Inspection and Verification
    WARNING: Batteries contain sulfuric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Also, shield your eyes when working near batteries to protect against possible splashing of the acid solution. In case of acid contact with skin or eyes, flush ...