Ford Mustang (2005-2014) Owners Manual: Exterior mirrors

Power Exterior Mirrors

WARNING: Do not adjust the mirror while your vehicle is in motion.

A. Left mirror
B. Off
C. Right mirror

To adjust your mirrors:

1. Select the mirror you want to adjust.
2. Move the control in the direction you want to tilt the mirror.
3. Return the control to the center position to lock mirrors in place.

Heated Exterior Mirror (If Equipped)

The heated exterior mirrors switch on with the heated rear window.

See Heated Windows and Mirrors in the Climate Control chapter.

Pony Projection Lights (If Equipped)

Note: Moisture, frost and ice build-up (or other types of contamination) on the surface of the light lens can cause some non-permanent distortion or reduced brightness of the image. Do not use abrasive materials to clean the lens.

The lights are located on the bottom of the mirror housings.

This feature will project an image onto the ground a short distance from the vehicle whenever illuminated entry and exit is activated.

Integrated Blind Spot Mirrors (If Equipped)

WARNING: Objects in the blind spot mirror are closer than they appear.

Blind spot mirrors have an integrated convex mirror built into the upper outboard corner of the exterior mirrors. They are designed to assist you by increasing visibility along the side of your vehicle.

Check the main mirror first before a lane change, then check the blind spot mirror. If no vehicles are present in the blind spot mirror and the traffic in the adjacent lane is at a safe distance, signal that you are going to change lanes. Glance over your shoulder to verify traffic is clear, and carefully change lanes.

The image of the approaching vehicle is small and near the inboard edge of the main mirror when it is at a distance. The image becomes larger and begins to move outboard across the main mirror as the vehicle approaches (A). The image will transition from the main mirror and begin to appear in the blind spot mirror as the vehicle approaches (B). The vehicle will transition to your peripheral field of view as it leaves the blind spot mirror (C).

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