Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: External Controls (Description and Operation)

The transmission shift cable transfers the transmission operating mode from the gearshift lever to the automatic transmission (7003). The indicated position of the transmission floor mounted selector lever is transferred to the transmission through the cable and down to the manual control lever on the transmission.

Shift Interlock System

The brake/shift interlock mechanism is used on vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission.

This system is used to prevent shifting from PARK unless the brake pedal is depressed. The brake/shift interlock system consists of an actuator attached to the key interlock assembly and necessary wiring. The shift lock actuator is energized when the ignition switch is turned to the run position, locking the floor mounted transmission range selector lever in the PARK position. When the brake pedal is depressed, the shift lock actuator is deactivated and the floor mounted transmission range selector lever can be moved out of the PARK position.

Transmission Control Switch (TCS)

The transmission control switch (TCS) is a momentary contact switch that is located on the floor mounted transmission range selector lever. Pushing the TCS will either disengage or engage the overdrive function of the automatic transmission. If the OVERDRIVE is disengaged, the word O/D OFF will illuminate on the instrument cluster.

    External Controls (Diagnosis and Testing)
    Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 37 , Shift Lock for schematic and connector information. Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 29 , Transmission Control for schematic and connector information. Special Tool(s ...

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    Removal 1. Remove the shifter top control panel. 2. Disconnect the electrical connectors. 3. Remove the shifter bezel. 4. Remove the bulb from the bezel. 5. Disconnect the TCS connector. 6. CAUTION: Extra force may be needed to lift up on the handle. Do ...