Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Instrument Panel and Console

Torque Specifications

Torque Specifications

Instrument Panel

The instrument panel consists of the following components:

  • instrument cluster
  • instrument panel finish panels
  • audio unit
  • A/C controls
  • glove compartment door
  • passenger air bag module
  • glove compartment
  • instrument panel steering column cover
  • instrument panel reinforcement
  • instrument panel defroster grille

Console -Floor

The floor console consists of the following components:

  • console glove compartment
  • console glove compartment door
  • beverage holder
  • cigar lighter knob and element
  • power point
  • glove compartment hinge
  • console finish panel
  • coin holder
  • convertible top control switch (if equipped)
All vehicles CAUTION: After installing the urethane installed windshield, the vehicle should not be driven until the urethane adhesive has cured. The curing time at temperatures above 13C (5 ...

Other materials:

Countershaft Bearing
Special Tool(s) Bearing Replacer 308-061 (T77J-7025-L) Front Bearing Replacer 308-062 (T77J-7025-M) Mainshaft Front Bearing Replacer 308-081 (T82T-7003-DH) Pinion Bearing Cone Remover 205-D002 (D79L-4621 ...

Engine and Radiator Flushing
Special Tool(s) Coolant System Drain/Flush/Fill 164-R3673 or equivalent Flush Kit 164-R3658 or equivalent Drain Kit 164-R3662 or equivalent Material Item Specification Motorcraft Premium Cooling ...

Anti-Lock Control - Traction Control
Torque Specifications Anti-Lock Control -Traction Control The four wheel anti-lock brake system (4WABS) with traction control consists of the following components: anti-lock brake control module (2C346) front anti-lock brake sensor (2C204)/(2C205) front ...