Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Rear Suspension (Description and Operation)

Rear Suspension


Item Part Number Description
1 18125 Rear shock absorber
2 - Rear axle driveline vibration damper
3 5A649 Rear lower suspension arm and bushing (common LH and RH)
4 5560 Rear spring
5 4731 Rear axle bumper bracket
6 4905 Rear axle differential carrier bumper and bracket
7 5A772 Rear stabilizer bar
8 5500 Rear upper suspension arm and bushing (common LH and RH)
    Rear Suspension
    Torque Specifications WARNING: All vehicles are equipped with gas pressurized shock absorbers which will extend unassisted. Do not apply heat or flame to the shock absorbers during removal or comp ...

    Wheel Hub - Cobra
    Special Tool(s) 2-3 Jaw Puller 205-D026 (D80L-1013-A) or Equivalent Driver 205-199 (T83T-3132-A1) Front Hub Remover Replacer 204-069 (T81P-1104-C) ...

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