Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Removal

1. Raise and support the vehicle.

2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.

3. Remove the rear brake disc (2C026).

4. Remove the differential housing cover (4033) and drain the lubricant. For additional information, refer to Differential Housing Cover in this section.

5. Remove the differential pinion shaft (4211).

1. Remove the differential pinion shaft lock bolt (4241).

2. Remove the differential pinion shaft.

Axle Shaft

6. CAUTION: Do not damage the rubber O-ring in the axle shaft groove.

Remove the U-washer (4N237).

1. Push the axle shafts (4234) inboard.

2. Remove the U-washer.

Axle Shaft

7. CAUTION: Damage to the rear brake anti-lock sensor (2C190) may occur if it is not removed before the axle shaft.

Carefully remove the rear brake anti-lock sensor.

Axle Shaft

8. CAUTION: Do not damage the wheel bearing oil seal.

Remove the axle shaft.

Axle Shaft

    1. Lubricate the lip of the wheel bearing oil seal Use Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESAM1C75- B. 2. CAUTION: Do not damage the wheel bearing oil seal. ...

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