Ford Mustang (2005-2014) Owners Manual: Sun visors


Rotate the visor toward the side window and extend it rearward for extra sunlight coverage.

Retract the visor before moving it back toward the windshield and storing it.

Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirror

Lift the cover to switch on the lamp.

Flexible Visor Storage System

The system can accommodate various storage accessories. A sunglasses clip and multi-function clip are provided.

To attach one of the accessories, do the following:

1. Insert the provided removal tool (on the accessory holder) or a coin into the slot on the plug and rotate one-quarter turn in either direction to remove. It may be necessary to rotate the visor until the plug drops away from the opening. Place the plug in the provided holder when not in use.
2. Remove the accessory from the holder and insert the end of the storage accessory into the visor opening. Rotate one-quarter turn in either direction until the accessory snaps into place. Make sure the open end of the accessory is facing away from the windshield.
3. Reverse the procedure to remove the accessory and replace the cap or change to a different accessory.

Additional accessories are available from your authorized dealer. See the Accessories chapter for more information.

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    Use the sunshade to cover the glass roof inside your vehicle. Use the center-mounted cup handle to slide the shade open or closed. ...

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