Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Symptom Chart

Condition Possible Sources Action
  • Tires show excess wear on edge of tread
  • Underinflated tires.
  • Vehicle overloaded.
  • High-speed cornering.
  • Incorrect ride height.
  • Incorrect wheel alignment.
  • Incorrect tire rotation intervals.
  • ADJUST air pressure in tires.
  • RETURN vehicle.

    NOTIFY customer of overload condition.

  • RETURN vehicle.

    NOTIFY customer of cause of condition.

  • SET ride height.SET ride height.
  • ADVISE customer of condition. ROTATE tires.
  • Tires show excess wear in center of tread
  • Tires overinflated.
  • ADJUST air pressure.
  • Other excessive tire wear problems
  • Incorrect tire rotation intervals.
  • Incorrect tire pressure.
  • Loose or leaking shock absorbers.
  • Incorrect wheel alignment.
  • Loose, worn or damaged suspension components.
  • Wheel and tire assembly out of balance.
  • Excessive lateral or radial runout of wheel.
  • Excessive lateral or radial runout of wheel.
  • ADJUST pressure.
  • TIGHTEN or INSTALL new shock absorbers as necessary.
  • SET alignment to specification.
  • BALANCE wheel and tire assembly.
  • Wobble or shimmy
  • Damaged wheel bearings.
  • Loose or damaged suspension components.
  • Bent wheel.
  • Damaged tire.
  • Loose wheel nuts.
  • INSTALL a new wheel as necessary.
  • INSTALL a new tire as necessary.
  • TIGHTEN to specification.
  • High-speed shake
  • Wheel hub face/pilot/bolt circle runout.
  • Tires/wheels.
  • Wheel bearings.
  • Suspension/steering linkage.
  • Engine.
  • Transmission.
  • Brake discs/imbalance.
  • Vehicle vibration
  • Driveline - engine.
  • Tires.
    Road Test
    Verify the customer concern by carrying out a road test on a smooth road. If any vibrations are apparent. To maximize tire performance, inspect for signs of incorrect inflation and uneven wear, whic ...

    Wheel Leaks
    Material Item Specification Professional Choke and Linkage Cleaner F8AZ-19520-AB WSS-M14P10- B Aluminum Wheel Repair Compound ESA-M4G280- A WARNING: Wheel repairs t ...

    Other materials:

    Evaporator Core Housing
    Disassembly 1. Remove the evaporator core housing. For additional information, refer to Evaporator Core Housing in this section. 2. Remove the foam weather seal. 3. Remove the screws and remove the heater core. 4. Remove the screws and remove the A/C rec ...

    Engine Cooling (Description and Operation)
    CAUTION: Vehicle cooling systems are filled with Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant VC-7-A (in Oregon VC-7-B) or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSS-M97B51-A1 (yellow color). Always fill the cooling system with the same coolant that is present in ...

    1. Install the upper arm and bushing to the mounting bracket. 1. Position the arm and bushing. 2. Install a new nut and bolt. Do not tighten at this time. 2. Connect the upper arm and bushing to the axle. 1. Position the arm and bushing. 2. Install a ...