Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Tracer Dye Leak Detection

Special Tool(s)

120 Watt 110 Volt UV Lamp 20C 164-R0721 or equivalent

NOTE: Ford Motor Company vehicles are produced with a permanent leak tracer dye incorporated into the A/C system. The location of leaks can be pinpointed by the bright yellow-green glow of the tracer dye. Since more than one leak can exist, always inspect each component.

1. Check for leaks using a 120 Watt UV spot lamp.

  • Scan all components, fittings and lines of the A/C system.

Tracer Dye Leak Detection

2. After the leak is repaired, remove any traces of tracer dye with a general purpose oil solvent.

3. Verify the repair by operating the system for a short time and inspect with the UV spot lamp.

Tracer Dye Leak Detection

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