Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Valve Spring Strength

Special Tool(s)

Pressure Gauge, Valve/Clutch Spring 303-006 (TOOL-6513-DD) or equivalent

1. Use a Valve/Clutch Spring Pressure Gauge to check the valve spring for correct strength at the specified valve spring length.

  • Refer to the appropriate section in Group 303 for the procedure.
  • If out of specification, install new components as necessary. Refer to the appropriate section in Group 303 for the procedure.

Valve Spring Strength

    Valve Stem to Valve Guide Clearance
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    Valve - Seat Inspection
    Valve and Seat Refacing Measurements CAUTION: After grinding valves or valve seats, check valve clearance. 1. Check the valve head and seat. Check valve angles. Check margin width. Refer t ...

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