Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Valve - Seat Inspection

Valve and Seat Refacing Measurements

CAUTION: After grinding valves or valve seats, check valve clearance.

1. Check the valve head and seat.

  • Check valve angles.
  • Check margin width.
  • Refer to the appropriate section in Group 303 for the procedure.
  • Be sure margin width is within specification.

Valve -Seat Inspection

2. Inspect for abnormalities on the valve face and seat.

Valve -Seat Width

1. Measure the valve seat width. If necessary, grind the valve seat to specification.

  • Measure the intake valve seat width.
  • Measure the exhaust valve seat width.
  • Recheck the valve spring installed length after the seats have been ground, and shim the valve springs as necessary to achieve the correct installed spring length.
  • Refer to the appropriate section in Group 303 for the procedure.

Valve -Seat Inspection

Valve -Seat Runout

1. Use the Valve Seat Runout Gauge to check valve seat runout.

Valve -Seat Inspection

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