Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Audio Unit

Torque Specifications

Torque Specifications

Audio System

The Mustang is available with the following audio systems:

  • M100 CD AM/FM
  • CDX6-AM/FM with six CD in-dash
  • MP3 single CD AM/FM (optional)

The M100 system is equipped with four premium speakers. The CDX6 six disc changer audio unit comes with the Mach 460 or Mach 1000 systems and speed-sensitive volume control. The Mach 460 system consists of eight speakers and two subwoofer amplifiers. The Mach 1000 option adds two additional subwoofers and four additional amplifiers located in the luggage compartment.

Refer to the owner literature for complete audio system operating controls and functions.

Entertainment System - General Information
Audio System (Diagnosis and Testing) Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 130 , Radio for schematic and connector information. Special Tool(s) 73III Automotive Meter 105-R0057 or equivalent ...

Audio Unit (Removal and Installation)
Removal and Installation 1. Remove the instrument panel center finish panel. For additional information, refer to Section 2. Remove the audio unit. 1. Remove the screws. 2. Disconnect ...

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