Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Brake Pads - Cobra


1. Remove brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir until the reservoir is half full.

2. Raise and support the vehicle.

3. Remove the tire and wheel assembly.

4. CAUTION: Install new pads if worn to or past the specified thickness above the metal backing plate or rivets. Install new pads in complete axle sets.

Inspect the pads for wear and contamination.

Brake Pads - Cobra

5. Remove the caliper locating pin E-clip.

Brake Pads - Cobra

6. Remove the caliper locating pin.

Brake Pads - Cobra

7. Remove the caliper.

Brake Pads - Cobra

8. Remove the brake pads.

Brake Pads - Cobra

9. Measure the brake disc thickness.

  • Install a new brake disc if not within specification.

Brake Pads - Cobra

10. Inspect the disc brake caliper.

  • If leaks or damaged boots are found, disassembly is required. For additional information, refer to Caliper in this section.

Brake Pads - Cobra

11. NOTE: Use a wood block or used pad to protect pistons and boots.

Compress the caliper pistons (2196).

Brake Pads - Cobra


1. Follow the removal procedure in reverse order.

    1. CAUTION: Do not allow grease, oil, brake fluid or other contaminants to contact the pad lining material. Do not install contaminated pads. NOTE: Install all hardware supplied with pad kits. ...


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