Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Disassembly

1. NOTE: The index mark on the output shaft must be aligned with the index mark on the output shaft ring gear during the assembly procedure.

Remove the ring gear snap ring.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

2. Separate the ring gear and output shaft.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

3. Remove the three output shaft seal rings.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

4. Remove the output shaft hub snap ring and the output shaft hub.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

5. Remove the two direct clutch seal rings.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

6. Remove the No. 7 direct clutch inner bearing support.

1. Remove the direct clutch hub.

2. Remove the No. 7 direct clutch inner bearing support.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

7. Inspect the clutch cylinder thrust surfaces, piston bore and clutch plate serrations for scores or burrs. Minor scores or burrs may be removed with a crocus cloth. Install a new clutch cylinder if badly scored or damaged.

8. Check the fluid passage in the clutch cylinder for obstructions. Clean out all fluid passages.

Inspect the clutch piston for scores and install new if necessary. Inspect the check balls for freedom of movement and correct seating.

9. Check clutch release spring for distortion and cracks. Install a new spring (including wave spring) if distorted or cracked.

10. Inspect composition clutch plates, steel clutch plates and clutch pressure plate for worn or scored bearing surfaces. Install new parts if they are deeply scored or burred.

11. Check the clutch plates for flatness and fit on the clutch hub serrations. Discard any plate that does not slide freely on the serrations or that is not flat.

12. Check the clutch hub thrust surfaces for scores and clutch hub splines for wear.

13. Remove the direct clutch pack.

1. Remove the selective retaining ring.

2. Remove the direct clutch pack.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

14. Using the special tool, compress the piston return spring and remove the snap ring.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

15. WARNING: Wear safety glasses when using compressed air.

NOTE: If necessary, use regulated compressed air 207 kPa (30 psi) max pressure to remove the clutch piston.

Remove the support and spring assembly and piston.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

16. Remove the inner piston seal.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

17. Remove the outer piston seal.

Direct Clutch Disassembled View

    Output Shaft and Direct Clutch Cylinder
    Special Tool(s) Compressor, Clutch Spring 307-015 (T65L-77515-A) Protector, Piston Seal 307-080 (T80L-77234-A) Protector, Transmission Direct Clutch Outer Flui ...

    1. NOTE: Lubricate direct clutch piston inner seal and seal protector with petroleum jelly. Using the special tool, install the inner piston seal. Install the seal with sealing lip facing down. ...

    Other materials:

    Heater Hose Coupling
    Special Tool(s) Remover, Heater Hose Inlet Tube 412-042 (T85T-18539-AH) Disconnect Tool, Heater Hose 412-127 Material Item Specification MERPOL - ESE-M99B144-B Disconnect CAUTION: Do not attempt to install a ...

    Lamp Assembly - Map/Dome
    Removal 1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. 2. Remove the lamp lens from the lamp assembly. 3. Remove the lamp assembly. 1. Remove the screws. 2. Remove the lamp assembly. Disconnect the electrical connectors. Installation 1. NOTE ...

    Axle Housing
    Special Tool(s) Plug Set, Differential 205-294 (T89P-4850-B) Protector, Differential Seal (Pair) 205-461 Remover, Halfshaft 205-475 Remover, Steering Arm 211-003 (T64P-3590-F) ...