Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Flywheel Runout Check

Special Tool(s)

Dial Indicator/Magnetic Base 100-D002 (D78P-4201-B) or equivalent

1. Mount the special tool so that the indicator contact point rides on the clutch disc contact surface.

2. Turn the flywheel (6375); if the runout exceeds the maximum allowance, install a new flywheel.

Flywheel Runout Check


1. CAUTION: The pilot bearing is a sealed bearing and must not be immersed in any type of cleaning fluid.

Inspect the pilot bearing (7118) for:

1. needle rollers for scoring, worn or broken rollers, cracked roller cage inadequate grease or discoloration.

2. seal leakage.

  • misalignment and looseness in the crankshaft.

Flywheel Runout Check

    Pressure Plate Check
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