Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Gearshift Rail Bushing

Special Tool(s)

Universal Puller Set 303-DS005 (D80L-100-A) or equivalent
Installer, Shift Rail Bushing 308-244 (T96P-7025-F)
Slide Hammer 100-001 (T50T-100-A)

Disassembly and Assembly

1. Using the special tools, remove the gearshift rail bearing from the transmission case. Discard the bearing.

Gearshift Rail Bushing

2. Using the special tool, install the main shift rail bearing.

Gearshift Rail Bushing

    Disassembly and Assembly NOTE: This procedure applies to all synchronizer assemblies. 1. Scribe an alignment mark on the sliding sleeve and the hub for assembly reference. 2. Remove the sliding sleev ...

    Gearshift Rail and Fork
    Disassembly and Assembly 1. Using a 5/32-inch drift and a hammer, remove and discard the split pin. Slide the shift fork from the shift rail. 2. Remove the gearshift fork inserts. 3. CAUTION: Sup ...

    Other materials:

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