Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Halfshaft Joint

Special Tool(s)

Driver 205-199 (T83T-3132-A1)
Hub Bearing Cup Replacer 205-147 (T80T-4000-P)
Sensing Ring Replacer 206-041 (T89P-20202-A)


1. CAUTION: Do not disassemble the halfshaft assembly. Install a new assembly if worn or damaged.

Remove the halfshaft from the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Halfshaft in this section.

2. If necessary, remove the dust seal assembly (2217).

1. Tap uniformly around the dust seal assembly.

2. Slide the dust seal assembly from the shaft.

Halfshaft Joint

3. Using a suitable bearing plate and a press, remove the rear brake anti-lock sensor indicator, if necessary.

Halfshaft Joint


1. Using the special tool and a hammer, install the new dust seal assembly, if removed.

Halfshaft Joint

2. CAUTION: Place only the inboard CV joint outer race land on the bearing plate. Do not press against any other portion of the outer race or damage will occur.

If removed, using the special tools, the bearing plate and a suitable press, seat the rear brake anti-lock sensor indicator against the inboard CV joint housing.

Halfshaft Joint

3. Install the halfshaft in the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Halfshaft in this section.


    1. NOTE: This procedure applies to both the LH and RH halfshafts. Install a new driveshaft bearing retainer circlip. 2. Remove the special tool. 3. CAUTION: Differential seal damage will occur if i ...

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