Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Oil Pan

Special Tool(s)

Compressor, Coil Spring 204-D001 (D78P-5310-A)
Support Bar, Engine 303-290-A
Lifting Bracket, Engine 303-D087 (D93P-6001-A1)
Lifting Bracket, Engine 303-D088 (D93P-6001-A2)


Item Specification
Metal Surface Cleaner F4ZA-19A536-RA or equivalent WSE-M5B392-A
Silicone Gasket and Sealant F7AZ-19554-EA or equivalent WSE-M4G323- A4
Super Premium SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil XO-5W20-QSP or equivalent WSS-M2C153-H
Oil Level Indicator and Tube
Removal and Installation 1. Remove the oil level indicator. 2. Remove the LH exhaust manifold. For additional information, refer to Exhaust Manifold LH in this section. 3. Remove the bolt. 4. Rem ...

1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. 2. Remove the air cleaner outlet tube. For additional information, refer to Section. 3. Remove the radiator sight shield. 4. Install the special tool. 5. Us ...

Other materials:

Transmission (ASSEMBLY)
Special Tool(s) Dial Indicator Gauge with Holding Fixture 100-002 (TOOL-4201-C) Rubber Tip Air Nozzle 100-D009 (D93L-7000-A) Alignment Gauge, TR Sensor 307-351 (T97L-70010-A) Slide Hammer 100-001 (T50T-1 ...

1. Drain the engine cooling system. 2. Remove the air cleaner outlet tube. 3. Disconnect the fuel line. 4. Disconnect the upper radiator hose from the water outlet connector. 5. Disconnect and remove the upper radiator hose. 6. Disconnect the acce ...

Bearings - Inspection
NOTE: If any of the following conditions exist, install a new bearing. 1. Inspect the bearing for a bent cage. 2. Inspect bearings for galling (metal smears on roller ends). Galling is caused by overheating, poor lubrication or an overload situatio ...