Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Removal

1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.

2. Remove the air cleaner outlet tube. For additional information, refer to Section.

3. Remove the radiator sight shield.

4. Install the special tool.

Oil Pan

5. Using the special tools, support the engine.

Oil Pan

6. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section.

7. Remove the two engine mount nuts.

Oil Pan

8. Lower the vehicle.

9. Using the special tool, raise the engine.

Oil Pan

10. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section.

11. Drain the engine oil.

  • Remove the oil pan drain plug.

Oil Pan

12. Using the special tool, compress the front coil springs.

Oil Pan

13. Position a safety stand.

Oil Pan

14. Remove the four engine mount bolts.

Oil Pan

15. NOTE: Do not completely remove the bolts.

Loosen the front subframe bolts.

Oil Pan

16. Lower the front subframe.

Oil Pan

17. NOTE: Be careful when removing the oil pan gasket. It may be reusable. Inspect the oil pan gasket for damage.

Remove the oil pan and gasket.

Oil Pan

    Oil Pan
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