Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Refrigerant Lines

The condenser to evaporator tube (19835) contains the high pressure liquid refrigerant upstream of the evaporator core orifice.

The A/C manifold and tube (19D734) is attached to the A/C compressor, is sealed with O-ring seals, and has the following features:

  • The upstream side contains low pressure refrigerant gas.
  • The downstream side contains high pressure refrigerant gas and a fitting used to mount a serviceable high pressure A/C charge port valve.
  • The downstream side also contains a fitting used to mount the refrigerant containment switch (3.8L) or dual-function pressure switch (4.6L). A long-travel Schrader-type valve stem core is installed in the fitting so that the switch can be removed without discharging the A/C system.

A/C Evaporator Core

A/C Evaporator Core

NOTE: The evaporator core is not separately serviceable, it is serviced only with the evaporator core housing assembly.

NOTE: Installation of a new suction accumulator is not required when repairing the air conditioning system except when there is physical evidence of contamination from a failed A/C compressor or damage to the suction accumulator.

The A/C evaporator core is the plate/fin type with a unique refrigerant flow path.

  • A mixture of refrigerant and oil enters the bottom of the A/C evaporator core through the A/C evaporator core inlet tube and moves out of the A/C evaporator core through the A/C evaporator core outlet tube.
  • This flow pattern accelerates the flow of refrigerant and oil through the A/C evaporator core.
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    Evaporator Core Orifice
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