Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: A/C Compressor Pressure Relief Valve

A/C Compressor Pressure Relief Valve

An A/C compressor pressure relief valve is incorporated into the compressor A/C manifold and tube to:

  • relieve unusually high refrigerant system discharge pressure buildups. For specifications regarding operating pressure(s), refer to Section.
  • prevent damage to the A/C compressor and other system components.
  • avoid total refrigerant loss by closing after the excessive pressure has been relieved.

A/C Condenser Core

A/C Condenser Core

The A/C condenser core has the following characteristics:

  • It is an aluminum fin and tube design heat exchanger located in front of the vehicle radiator (8005).
  • It cools compressed refrigerant gas by allowing air to pass over fins and tubes to extract heat and by condensing gas to liquid refrigerant as it is cooled.
    A/C Compressor and Clutch Assembly
    NOTE: Internal A/C compressor components are not serviced separately. The FS-10 A/C compressor is serviced only as an assembly. The A/C clutch pulley, A/C clutch field coil (19D798) and the shaft ...

    Refrigerant Lines
    The condenser to evaporator tube (19835) contains the high pressure liquid refrigerant upstream of the evaporator core orifice. The A/C manifold and tube (19D734) is attached to the A/C compressor, ...

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