Ford Mustang (2005-2014) Owners Manual: Trunk release

The remote trunk release button is located on the center console. Press the button to unlatch the trunk.

Interior Trunk Control Lockout (Convertible Vehicles Only)

This feature disables the interior trunk control. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the trunk when the convertible top is open.

To disable the interior trunk control:

1. Make sure the vehicle is off and accessory power delay is not active.
2. Lock the vehicle using the remote control or the power door lock switch.

To enable the interior trunk control:

• use the remote control to unlock the vehicle
• switch the ignition on.

The interior trunk control will now work normally.

Manual Trunk Release (Convertible Vehicles Only)

In the event of battery failure, you can open the trunk using your master key. The key cylinder is located between the rear seatback cushions on the driver’s side.

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