Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Exhaust Manifold - Inspection

Special Tool(s)

Straight Edge 303-D039 (D83L-4201-A) or equivalent

1. Place a straight edge across the exhaust manifold flanges and check for warping with a feeler gauge.

Exhaust Manifold - Inspection

Bearing -Inspection

1. Inspect bearings for the following defects. Possible causes are shown:

1. Cratering - fatigue failure.

2. Spot polishing - incorrect seating.

3. Imbedded dirt engine oil.

4. Scratching - dirty engine oil.

5. Base exposed - poor lubrication.

6. Both edges worn - journal damaged.

7. One edge worn - journal tapered or bearing not seated.

Exhaust Manifold - Inspection


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