Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Heated Window Grid Wire Repair


Item Specification
Dark Walnut Metallic Acrylic Lacquer Touch-up Paint ALBZ-19500-5858A or equivalent ESR-M2-P100- C
Rear Window Defroster Repair D8AZ-19562-AA or equivalent WSB-M4J58-B

1. NOTE: A single break or any breaks which exceed 25 mm (1 inch) in one grid cannot be repaired. Install a new rear window glass.

NOTE: If the first layer of the heated rear window grid (brown) is damaged or missing, it will be necessary to apply touch-up paint on the glass prior to applying the silver rear window defroster repair.

Repair any inoperative grid wires using rear window defroster repair.

Heated Window Grid Wire Repair

2. Bring the vehicle up to room temperature of at least 16 C (60 F) or above.

3. Clean the entire grid line repair area with a non-alcohol based window cleaner and 0000 steel wool.

4. Mark the location of the grid break on the exterior of the rear window glass.

Heated Window Grid Wire Repair

5. Using cellulose tape, mask the area directly above and below the grid break. The break area should be at the center of the mask.

Heated Window Grid Wire Repair

6. NOTE: If the brown layer is not broken or missing, apply only the silver grid repair compound to the break.

NOTE: If both the brown and silver layers of the grid are broken or missing, apply a coating of the brown touch-up paint across the break in the grid line first. Do not overlap the silver grid line with the brown paint . Several applications may be necessary to achieve a color match.

NOTE: Extend the silver repair coating at least 6.35 mm (0.25 inch) on both sides of the break area.

NOTE: Allow at least five minutes of drying time between applications.

Apply the repair coating to the grid break area in several smooth, continuous strokes.

Apply three applications of the grid repair compound.

Heated Window Grid Wire Repair

7. After five minutes or after the repair area has dried completely, remove the mask.

8. CAUTION: Be careful not to damage the grid line with the razor blade. If this occurs, additional repair may be necessary.

Remove any excess repair compound above or below the grid line with a razor blade.

9. NOTE: The repair coating will air-dry in approximately one minute and can be energized within three minutes.

NOTE: Optimum adhesion occurs after approximately 24 hours.

After optimum hardness is achieved, clean the repaired area with a non-alcohol based window cleaner.

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