Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Identification Tags

All vehicles are equipped with a Vehicle Certification Label, located on the driver side door lock post.

For correct transmission identification, refer to the code in the space marked TR.

For model, service ID level or build date information, refer to the transmission service ID tag located on the transmission case.

Identification Tag

Identification Tags


Identification Tags

    Transmission Description (Description and Operation)
    The 4R70W has the following features: Wide ratio gears Four speeds Rear wheel drive Automatic Electronic shift Torque converter clutch control Line pressure controls The t ...

    Range Selection
    The transmission has six range positions: P, R, N, (D), 2 and 1. Park In the PARK position: there is no powerflow through the transmission. the parking pawl locks the output shaft to the ...

    Other materials:

    Rear Ride Height Measurement - GT and Base
    Item Description 1 Body reinforcement 2 Ride height (shortest distance) 3 Rear axle Wheel Track Item Part Number Description 1 - Front track 2 - Rear track Dogtracking Item Part N ...

    Lighting control
    A. Off B. Parking lamps, instrument panel lamps, license plate lamps and tail lamps C. Headlamps High Beams • Push the lever toward the instrument panel to switch on the high beams. • Pull the lever toward you to switch of the high beams. Headlamp Flashe ...

    Pinpoint Tests
    PINPOINT TEST P1464: DTC P1464: A/C DEMAND OUT OF SELFTEST RANGE Test Step Result / Action to Take P14641 RECHECK FOR THE DTC YesGO to P14642 . No The system is functioning correctly. This DTC will set if the A/C is turned on when carryi ...