Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Piston - Selection

NOTE: The cylinder bore must be within the specifications for taper and out-of-round before fitting a piston.

1. Select a piston size based on the cylinder bore.

Piston - Selection

2. NOTE: For precision fit, new pistons are divided into three categories within each size range based on their relative position within the range. A paint spot on the new pistons indicates the position within the size range.

Choose the piston with the correct paint color.

  • Refer to the appropriate section in Group for the procedure

Piston - Selection

    Piston - Pin to Bore Diameter
    1. WARNING: Cover the end of the pin bore with a hand or shop rag when removing the retainer ring, since it has a tendency to spring out. Wear eye protection. NOTE: Piston and piston pins are a matc ...

    Piston - Ring End Gap
    CAUTION: Use care when fitting piston rings to avoid possible damage to the piston ring or the cylinder bore. CAUTION: Piston rings should not be transferred from one piston to another. NOTE: Cylin ...

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