Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Rear Drive Axle/Differential - Ford 8.8-Inch Ring Gear

General Specifications

General Specifications

Torque Specifications

Description Nm lb-ft lb-in
Bolt retaining the differential pinion shaft to the differential case 30 22 -
Bolt retaining the driveshaft yoke to the pinion flange 112 83 -
Bolt retaining the differential housing cover to the differential housing 44 32 -
Oil filler plug 30 22 -
Pinion bearing preload (used pinion bearings) 0.9-1.5 - 8-14
Pinion bearing preload (new pinion bearings) 1.8-3.3 - 16-29
Adapter for 205-S127 2.2 - 20
Bolt retaining the bearing cap to the differential case 105 77 -
Bolt retaining the ring gear to the differential case 106 77 -
1. Lubricate the differential side gear thrust washers and the differential side gear journals, and assemble the washers to the gears. Use SAE 80W-90 Premium Rear Axle Lubricant XY-80W90-QL or equi ...

Rear Drive Axle and Differential
  The axle housing assembly consists of a cast center section with two steel tube assemblies and a stamped differential housing cover (4033). The differential housing cover uses sili ...

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