Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Removal

1. Remove the differential assembly from the differential housing. For additional information, refer to Differential Case in this section.

2. CAUTION: Record the torque necessary to maintain rotation of the drive pinion gear through several revolutions prior to removing the pinion flange (4851).

Remove the pinion flange. For additional information, refer to Drive Pinion Flange and Drive Pinion Seal in this section.

3. Force the rear axle drive pinion seal metal flange up. Install gripping pliers and strike with a hammer to remove the seal.

Drive Pinion

4. Remove the rear axle drive pinion shaft oil slinger (4670).

Drive Pinion

5. Using the special tool and a soft-faced hammer, drive the pinion assembly out of the outer differential pinion bearing (4621) and remove the drive pinion through the rear of the differential housing (4010).

Drive Pinion

6. Remove the outer differential pinion bearing.

Drive Pinion

7. Remove and discard the collapsible spacer (4662).

Drive Pinion

8. Using the special tool and a suitable press, remove the inner differential pinion bearing (4630).

Drive Pinion

9. NOTE: Do not remove the pinion bearing cups from the differential housing unless the cups are damaged.

To remove the bearing cups, tap alternately (with a brass drift of suitable length) on opposite sides of the cup to prevent the cup from cocking in the casting.

Drive Pinion

    Drive Pinion
    Special Tool(s) Adapter for 205-S127 205-105 (T76P-4020-A3) Adapter for 205-S127 205-109 (T76P-4020-A9) Adapter for 205-S127 205-110 (T76P-4020-A10) Adapter fo ...

    Using special tool 205-054 NOTE: This is the preferred method for installing the pinion bearing cups. If necessary, proceed to Using special tools 205-153, 205-054, and 205-D055 in this procedure for ...

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