Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Removal

NOTE: This procedure applies to both the LH and RH halfshafts.

1. CAUTION: The vehicle must be on level ground and at curb height.

Mark the rear shock absorber relative to the protective sleeve.

  • During installation, raise the suspension to this reference mark before tightening the suspension component fasteners.


2. Raise and support the vehicle.

3. Remove the rear wheel and tire assembly.

4. Remove and discard the rear axle wheel hub retainer.


5. Remove the rear brake disc.

6. Remove the rear brake anti-lock sensor and position aside.


7. Support the suspension lower arm and bushing. This will ease removal of the lower shock absorber mount bolt.


8. Disconnect the shock absorber at the suspension lower arm and bushing. Discard the nut and the bolt.


9. Remove and discard the cotter pin and the nut.


10. Using the special tool, disconnect the tie-rod link at the knuckle.


11. Disconnect the suspension upper arm and bushing at the knuckle. Discard the nut and the bolt.


12. Using the special tool, press the outboard CV joint until it is loose in the hub.


13. CAUTION: Do not over-angulate the outboard CV joint or damage the boot.

While lowering the knuckle, remove the CV joint from the hub.

14. CAUTION: The crown on the tool forks must face away from the axle housing.

Position the special tool correctly between the CV joint and the axle housing so as not to damage the differential seal.

Using the special tool, exert enough pressure to overcome the circlip and separate the CV joint (4K326) from the differential side gear.


15. CAUTION: Do not damage the differential seal.

Carefully remove the halfshaft (4K138) with both hands.

16. Install the special tool.


    Special Tool(s) Differential Plug 205-294 (T89P-4850-B) Differential Seal Protector 205-461 Front Hub Remover 205-D070 (D93P-1175-B) or Equivalent Halfshaft ...

    1. NOTE: This procedure applies to both the LH and RH halfshafts. Install a new driveshaft bearing retainer circlip. 2. Remove the special tool. 3. CAUTION: Differential seal damage will occur if i ...

    Other materials:

    Initial assembly 1. Coat the new differential drive pinion bearing cup(s) with lubricant. Use SAE 75W-140 High Performance Rear Axle Lubricant F1TZ-19580-B or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSL-M2C192-A. 2. Using the special tool, install the diff ...

    1. Remove brake master cylinder filler cap (2162). Check brake fluid level in brake master cylinder reservoir (2K478). Remove fluid until brake master cylinder reservoir is half full. 2. Raise and support the vehicle. 3. Remove the wheel and ...

    Safety belt-minder
    This feature supplements the safety belt warning function by providing additional reminders by intermittently sounding a chime and illuminating the safety belt warning light when the driver’s or front passenger’s seat is occupied and the safety belt is unb ...