Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Valve - Springs, Retainer and Valve Stem Seal

Special Tool(s)

Compressor, Valve Spring 303-452 (T93P-6565-AR)

Installer, Valve Stem Oil Seal 303-383 (T91P-6571-A)
Compressor, Valve Spring 303-567 (T97P-6565-AH)
Spacer, Valve Spring Compressor 303-382 (T91P-6565-AH)
1. CAUTION: Timing chain procedures must be followed exactly or damage to the pistons or valves will result. Compress the tensioner plunger, using a soft-jawed vise. 2. Install a retaining clip on ...

1. Remove the roller followers. For additional information, refer to Roller Followers in this section. 2. Remove the spark plugs. For additional information, refer to Section . 3. Position the pist ...

Other materials:

Rear Drive Axle and Differential
  The differential housing (4010) consists of a cast aluminum housing and a cast aluminum differential housing cover (4033). The differential housing cover uses silicone sealant as a gasket. The hypoid-design gearset consists of a 8.8-inch ...

Dowels - Flywheel Housing to Block
Removal 1. NOTE: Take care not to damage the flywheel housing to block dowel holes or the surface areas around the flywheel housing to block dowel hole during removal. Remove the two flywheel housing to block dowels using a drift pin where the flywheel ...

Hydraulic System
  Fluid Pump   The transmission uses a gerotor-type design front pump support and gear. The pump provides the volume of fluid needed to charge the torque converter, main control assembly, cooling system and lube system. Pump pressure is regu ...