Ford Mustang (1999-2004) Service Manual: Assembly

1. Using the special tool, install the front pump seal assembly.


2. Install the clutch piston seals.

1. Install the intermediate clutch piston outer seal.

2. Install the intermediate clutch piston inner seal.


3. NOTE: Coat the intermediate clutch piston outer seal, inner seal and pump body with petroleum jelly.

Install the intermediate clutch piston into the special tool.


4. Using the special tool, install the intermediate clutch piston.

1. Position the intermediate clutch piston and the special tool onto the pump body.

2. Push the intermediate clutch piston to the bottom of the pump body bore, exerting even pressure and remove the special tool.


5. CAUTION: The piston bleed hole must be located at 12 o'clock position (towards the top of the transmission). Shift problems may occur if installed incorrectly.

NOTE: The piston bleed hole is the only round hole in the pump body.

Locate the piston bleed hole.


6. Install by snapping the spring retainer assembly on pump body.


7. NOTE: The flats on the inner fluid pump gear have steps that must face the pump body or damage will result.

Install the inner and outer fluid pump gerotor gears.


8. NOTE: The reverse clutch cylinder seal rings are larger than the forward clutch cylinder seals.

Install the seal rings.


9. Install a new front pump seal.


10. Assemble the front pump.

1. Position the pump support to the pump body assembly.

2. Install the bolts.


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